First-time homebuyers were the focus of 85% of originators in 2022, yet they only made 26% of home purchases. When your marketing efforts are focused on a subset of consumers who have already begun their homeownership journey, you face intense competition from lenders and originators who have deeper pockets to advertise, buy trigger leads, and pay to promote their social posts.

While home buyers grapple with the end of sub-3% mortgage rates for the foreseeable future, it’s the ideal time to establish a sales funnel and invest time in broadening your marketing to expand your customer database so you’ll be well-positioned when the market returns.

Download our paper, Recession Proof Ways To Expand Your Mortgage Sales Database, to learn how to establish a sales funnel with marketing content that generates more consumer leads for your sales database. You’ll receive ideas for nine alternative sub-sets of consumers to target with your lead gen marketing and advice for nurturing prospective homebuyers through your sales funnel to the closing table and develop into customers for life.

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